Three Bags Full Casting Announcement

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.12.26.png

With a spectacular first rehearsal under our belt, we’re now ready to announce the full cast for Three Bags Full, which will be our first production at The National Archives from 22nd – 24th November!

We’re very excited to welcome back some long-standing Q2 members as well as several new members, in what is set to be a very funny show, with a very strong cast.

As well as having an excellent cast, we have been investigating online ticketing and are pleased to announce that tickets for Three Bags Full can now be purchased using a credit or debit card online as well as by emailing or phoning us as usual. To buy tickets online, you’ll need to go to Otherwise, box office is available by emailing us at or by calling  07957 587230 between 6-8.30pm.


Bascom Barlow – Hugh Cox

Richard Foyle – Neelaksh Sadhoo

Genevieve Barlow – Lynne Harrison

Angela Barlow – Cat Lamin

Boris – Dom Upton

Kathleen – Judy Ramjeet

Jeanette – Camilla Danson

Mr Cottingham – Malcom McAlister

Charlotte – Harriet Muir

Preston Cottingham – Paul Huggins

Jenkins – Chris Hodges



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