Exciting Announcement for Autumn 2019

At Q2, we love to do interesting and exciting shows and our history is peppered with unusual versions of traditional shows and obscure plays that have been a huge hit. With this in mind, we are delighted to be able to announce that for Autumn 2019, we will be performing an original piece written by our very own secretary, Genni Trickett.

Living Memory is the bitter sweet story of two couples who live at the same address, in different times in history, and are struggling to cope with a personal tragedy. The committee read through a large selection of shows for Autumn and agreed that this particular piece was incredibly special and we hope that you feel the same way too.

The performance dates will be 28th-30th November 2019 at The National Archives in Kew and the cast is as follows:

Jo (mid-late thirties)

Jerry (mid-late thirties)

Ruby (mid-forties – early-fifties)

Frank (mid-forties – early-fifties)

Russell (early forties)

Rachel (Early forties)

Gracie (early-mid-thirties)

If you’d like to read through the script to see whether you’d be interested in auditioning, please email us and we will send you over a PDF copy. The official read through will be held on Wednesday 21st August with auditions on Wednesday 28th August. If you are likely to be on away for the audition date, please let us know so that an alternative can be arranged!

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