Nell Gwynn Casting Announcement

The auditions for Nell Gwynn left our director and casting committee in awe of the incredible talent in the area, but without much further ado, it’s time to announce the cast!

Nell Gwynn – Cat Lamin

Rose Gwynn – Lynda-Louise Tomlinson

Nancy – Lily Tomlinson

Lady Castlemaine/ Louise de Keroualle – Juliette Sexton

Queen Catherine – Ileana Falcone

Ma Gwynn – Simone White

King Charles II – Tim Williams

Charles Hart – Hugh Cox

Thomas Killigrew – Toby Doncaster

Edward Kynaston – Matt Tester

John Dryden – Scott Tilley

Lord Arlington – Craig Cameron Fisher

Ned Spiggett – Tom Dehlsen

That’s a grand total of FIVE new members for our lovely group – we’re so excited to get started with this show!

Well done to everyone who attended the auditions, it was a great evening and made it tough for the team to decide!


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