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Way Upstream

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Ian Nethersell

“there is nothing – absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”

(The Wind in the Willows. By Kenneth Grahame. 1908. Methuen)

This may be true for water rats but probably not for Alistair & Emma as they embark on a fortnight’s cruise up the river Orb with Keith, Alistair’s domineering business partner, and his wife June. Tides and tempers run high but Keith’s secretary, Mrs Hatfield, always manages to arrive on time with her daily report. When mysterious strangers Vincent and Fleur join the party, things take an unexpected – and slightly sinister – turn.

Read Through: TBC

Audition: TBC

Performances:  TBC

Please note that the below are approximate playing ages only:

Keith (large role) – Late 30s, early 40s

June (large role) – Late 30s, early 40s

Emma (large role) – Early to mid 30s

Alistair (large role) – Early to mid 30s

Vince (Medium role) – Late 30s, early 40s

Fleur – (Medium role) – Late 20s, early 30s