Arabian Nights

Adapted by Dominic Cooke

Directed by Polly Beauwin

Thursday 23rd November to Saturday 25th November 2017

Read-through: Wednesday 6th September 2017

Audition: Wednesday 13th September 2017

As the nights grow longer, it is time for a feast of storytelling.

Join us, as Shahrazad tells the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the Little Beggar, Sindbad the Sailor, the Envious Sisters, in order to save her life.

The enchantment begins as Shahrazad whispers “listen…”

Marjanah/Envious Sister                     Alison Arnold

Ali Baba’s Wife/Wise Old Woman      Laurie Coombs

Little Beggar/Envious Sister               Harriet Muir

Baba Mustafa/Talking Bird                 Liz Smith

Shahrazad                                           Jess Warrior

Dinarzad/Parizade                              Andrea Wilkins

Old Sindbad/Abu Hassan                   Tony Cotterill

Vizier                                                    Chris Hodges

Kasim/Perviz                                        Paul Huggins

Shahrayar                                             Scott Tilley

Ali Baba/Bahman                                Matthew Tyrrell

All other roles played by members of the cast

Please note that for this production, Q2 Players were fortunate to welcome both Ben P G Photos and Rishi Rai Photography to photograph the show and so the photos below reflect both photographers work!