By Don Nigro

Directed by Cat Lamin

Thursday 26th April to Saturday 28th April 2018

Inspector Ruffing needs to get to the bottom of a bizarre murder, or maybe just a strange accident, in this gothic comedy murder mystery that will have you scratching your brain in bewilderment, and laughing uproariously as the women of the house send the Inspector up the garden path in their attempts to mislead and befuddle him.

Q2 Players introduced you to the wonderful world of Ravenscroft, a stately home with a few dark secrets and one or two skeletons in the closet.

Inspector Ruffing – Craig Cameron-Fisher
Marcy – Genni Trickett
Mrs Ravenscroft – Alison Arnold
Gillian – Jacinta Collins
Dolly – Lily Tomlinson
Mrs French – Sarah Hill

Thanks to both Ben Gingell Photography and Rishi Rai Photography for the incredible photos! We’re so lucky to have two amazing photographers attend our dress rehearsals.