Three Bags Full

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.12.26.pngby Jerome Chodorov

Directed by Tony Cotterill

22nd – 24th November 2018 – The National Archives

This production was nominated for the Cygnet award at the ArtsRichmond Swan Awards 2018-2019

Three Bags Full was the first Q2 Players production performed at the Events Space at The National Archives!

A wealthy sporting goods mogul tries to keep his family’s adventures in life and love straight along with three identical bags, one holding diamonds, one cash and one ladies’ underwear. Absurdities, misunderstandings and coincidences pile up in the usual unlikely ways in this hilarious farce.


Bascom Barlow – Hugh Cox

Richard Foyle – Neelaksh Sadhoo

Genevieve Barlow – Lynne Harrison

Angela Barlow – Cat Lamin

Boris – Dom Upton

Kathleen – Judy Ramjeet

Jeanette – Camilla Danson

Mr Cottingham – Malcom McAlister

Charlotte – Harriet Muir

Preston Cottingham – Paul Huggins

Jenkins – Chris Hodges

Thanks to both Ben Gingell Photography and Rishi Rai Photography for the incredible photos. We’re so lucky to have two amazing photographers attend our dress rehearsals.