Upcoming Show


By Don Nigro

Directed by Cat Lamin

Thursday 26th April to Saturday 28th April 2018

Read-through: Wednesday 3rd January 2018, Kew Gardens Scout Hut, 8pm

Audition: Wednesday 10th January 2018, Kew Gardens Scout Hut, 8pm

How did Patrick Roarke die? Inspector Ruffing needs to get to the bottom of this bizarre murder in a gothic comedy murder mystery that will have you scratching your brain in bewilderment, and laughing uproariously as the women of the house send the Inspector up the garden path in their attempts to mislead and befuddle him.

This show has some particularly brilliant female roles as all of the women are confident and intriguing in their own way so get in touch if you want out find out more!!


Inspector Ruffing (35+): No-nonsense, world-weary, downtrodden and determined police inspector sent to investigate a murder in a stately home. He has a dark past and a tendency to drink a little too much. This is a BIG learn for whoever gets it so be prepared!

Mrs Ravenscroft (35-60): Lady of the house, attractive and demanding. Will do anything necessary to protect her daughter.

Gillian (17 ish): Mrs Ravenscroft’s daughter, seemingly innocent, manipulative, very… odd. Gillian switches between child-like and a little too mature.

Marcy (20-35): European governess of Gillian with a mysterious past. Beautiful and alluring, Ruffing can’t help but be drawn to her, but did she push Patrick down the stairs as she claimed?

Dolly (20-40): The housemaid, Dolly is common-as-muck and not very bright either. Could Dolly be hiding something too? (This is a GREAT comedy role)

Mrs French (40+): The cook, Mrs French is no-nonsense and fed up with having a maid as useless as Dolly. In this house, you never know what secrets people are hiding though and Mrs French seems to know more than most….

All of the characters get a some great comedy moments and will be on stage at all times.

Please note, all ages are guidelines and if someone isn’t the ‘right’ age, but still suits the role, then I’m fine with that!