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Three Bags Full

by Jerome Chodorov

Directed by Tony Cotterill

22nd – 24th November 2018 – The National Archives

Three Bags Full will be the first Q2 Players production performed at the Events Space at The National Archives!

A wealthy sporting goods mogul tries to keep his family’s adventures in life and love straight along with three similar-looking bags, one holding diamonds, one cash and one ladies’ underwear. Absurdities, misunderstandings and coincidences pile up in the usual unlikely ways in this hilarious farce.


Tickets for Three Bags Full can be purchased either online at http://seaty.co.uk//ThreeBagsFull, by emailing us at tickets@q2players.org.uk or by calling  07957 587230 between 6-8.30pm

Character Brief Description Role Size Special Requirements
Bascom Barlow 50-70 Main lead. Sporting goods manufacturer. Pompous, self-important. Knows very little of what is happening around him. Many surprises and double-takes. Huge
Richard Foyle 20-40 Young executive working for Bascom. Initially confident and sharp – later it turns out he’s no more on top of it than Bascom. Large Should be able to roller skate to some basic level – no stunts – just scooting about a bit.
Should be prepared to be manhandled by Boris, (dependant upon casting).
Genevieve Barlow 50-70 Bascom’s wife.
Arty and vague but nevertheless quite sharp.
Knows what’s going on and is unperturbed by most of it.
Angela Barlow 20-40 Bascom and Genevieve’s daughter.
A staunch, feisty, comedically extreme feminist and socialist, but not awfully bright.
Boris 20-40 Chauffeur. Lithuanian. Hot tempered but genuine. Medium Should be able to fireman’s lift Richard and spin around with him (dependant upon casting).
Eastern European accent
Kathleen 20-40 Maid. Medium Irish accent preferred but not essential.
Jeanette 20-40 A love interest. Shy and nervous at first. Medium
Mr Cottingham 50-70 Bascom’s banker. Huffy and puffy pompous financier. Small
Charlotte 50-70 A mystery woman from the past.
Only appears in Act 2.
Preston Cottingham 20-40 Mr. Cottingham’s son.
Rich society buck. His father thinks he’s feckless, but actually he is a budding socialist and wants to work for a living.
Only appears in Act 2
Very Small
Jenkins Any age. Butler. Says very little. Answers a few doors and shaves Bascom.
Almost a cameo role.
Only appears in Act 1
Very Small