Charles II Announces Dramatic Return of Live Theatre in Kew

Q2 Players are pleased to announce that our postponed production of Nell Gwynn is now scheduled to play at The National Archives, Kew, between 28 and 30 October 2021 (four performances).  Tech and dress rehearsals 24-27 October.

Polly Beauwin, who is directing this play writes:

“Nell is now back, and we can’t wait to get back to work on this fun show!

A 16 month hiatus, however, has meant that four actors have had to drop out because of moves and other commitments, so we are on the lookout for four actors for four great parts. 

LORD ARLINGTON – Charles II’s minister, a key player in the power games at Court.  He knows how to plot, cajole and threaten when necessary.  Age: late 30s-50s

JOHN DRYDEN – England’s first poet laureate, but here we see him as the playwright he also was – struggling with writer’s block, coming up with ideas, and coping with the women who have suddenly been allowed on stage.  Age: 30s-40s

NANCY – Nell’s dresser and confidante.  She finds herself on stage with catastrophic results.  A part with great comic potential.  Age: late 20s-40

EDWARD KYNASTON – Actor specialising in playing women’s parts; his nose is seriously put out of joint by Nell’s arrival.  Great comic potential, larger than life character. Physically should look as thought he could play Juliet or Desdemona with a wig and a dress. Age: 20s‑40ish

 Auditions for these parts will be held on Wednesday, 14 July 2021 at 8pm in the Kew Scout Hut.

I fully appreciate that this is very short notice, so if you are interested in auditioning and cannot make it on the 14th, please do get in touch and we will sort out a second round of auditions at a date to suit all those who cannot make it on the 14th.

Please get in touch with the me, Polly Beauwin (; 07773 796609) to let me  know of your interest.”

For copies of the audition speeches, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with Polly at the email/phone number above.

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